V for Vendetta Analysis

This is a video clip from the final battle of V for Vendetta. I have chosen this scene because it utilizes many different aspects of film so well. From the lighting, to the sounds, it captivates the audience.

The lighting in the scene is very dark due to the fact it is set underground. The use of the flashlights by the attackers are used very well to direct your attention to important things in the scene. The flashlights light up V’s mask making it very emphasized. The bullets coming out of the guns also seem to light up the underground area. At times there even seems to be complete darkness in the scene. This scene really grabs my attention with the lighting because darkness is more dramatic. If the scene was filmed outside in the sunlight it would not be as interesting in my opinion.

The editing used in the scene is also well done. The guns may be firing blanks, however there may still be editing involved with the shooting. The actors are good at looking like they are being injured when hit by knives. One of the most prominent areas of editing is the knives themselves. The knives are emphasized because V is supposed to be so skillful he can win a gun fight with knives. Throughout the scene the knives are highlighted. This makes them very dramatized captivating the audience. This technique worked very well on me making my attention be drawn towards them. The editing also makes it seem like V is moving in fast motion while everything else is slow. The cinematography is very well done to use slow motion so effectively. While V is standing up the scene slows down which to me makes it seem like V is laughing at their attempt then immediately fights back.

The final aspect is the camera movement and the sounds throughout the scene. For example, around 2:07, the camera is on the ground and the person falls in front of it. This still is very dramatic along with the sound. The gun cartridge hitting the ground is emphasized with the loud noise accompanied by the fall. The knives make a swish sound while being thrown through the air showing how quickly they are being thrown. The knives are filmed in slow motion adding more to the throw. The change between fast motion and slow motion is flawless. As soon as V slows down, the whole scene slows down making V the center of attention. The camera perfectly follows the knives as they are thrown through the air which would be difficult to do without CGI. None of the actors seem to be in the way as they are thrown with is very intricate mise-en-scene. The camera is extremely still through the whole scene which makes it look like V is hardly trying in defeating his enemies. It makes his fighting style almost majestic looking.

Overall, I feel this scene really demonstrates skillful moving making techniques and is one of the best scenes in the history of movies.

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