Surrealism Self Portrait





  1. What is your goal for this project

My goal is to use all cross-hatching, hatching, stippling, and other methods to use shading effectively in my project. I will use transformation, size and scale, and unfamiliar location in my self-portrait. I want to make it look as realistic as possible and use lots of shadows.

  1. Briefly describe the three ideas you have for your Surreal Self-portrait.

I have the idea that guitars with wings will be lifting chains off my arms held down by homework. Also, I will have a guitar cord coming from my head. The guitars I use will be ones I like and this shows that rock sets me free from homework and stress.

  1. Which of your ideas do you think is the most successful, and best meets the objectives of this project?

I think the transformation and size and scale that I use best meet the objectives. The flying guitars will be small and have wings. Which is both size and scale and transformation.

  1. What was the feedback you received, and how has it helped you?

I received feedback from people in the class and it helped me a lot. It caused me to change my design and make it better. It helped me pick my final design.

  1. How do you plan on turning your final sketch into pen and ink? Explain what techniques you plan on using in your final ink drawing, such as pointillism, hatching, cross-hatching, line weight, using different nibs, etc.

I plan on using stippling, cross-hatching, size and scale, transformation, and unnatural setting. I plan on using these because I feel they will fit well with my final piece.

6. Do you want to add colour? (we might be able to do this later)

I plan on adding color to my guitars to make them stand out more. I may also add color to other parts, however I have not decided yet.

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