Surreal Collage Final Reflection


We were expected to create a surreal collage using magazine cut outs and colored pencils. We were required to use one or more surreal techniques. We could choose, size and scale, unnatural setting, and transformation. We were expected to create a drawing that fit in well with the magazine cut outs and that the colored pencils would be solid colors. Therefore we had to use a colored pencil technique to create a very smooth looking collage. I feel that I did many of the objectives. I created a collage with magazine cut outs, and used two or more surrealist techniques. I tried my best at coloring solidly with the colored pencils however I ran out of time towards the end and some areas were not colored in very well. For me, it was difficult to find magazine pieces that would fit together and flow nicely in my piece. Also, coloring with colored pencils was difficult because sometimes you could not find the exact color you used in a previous class and would have to go over a section of your piece again.

I kept on going over my colored pencils and tried to make them as solid as possible. I also chose somewhat of a color scheme once I found an image I liked from a magazine. I kept on coloring and coming up with new ideas of how to incorporate more magazine pieces. Half way through I decided to not use a main piece in my collage however in the end after some advice from peers and suggestions from Ms. Zaza, I put the image back into my collage. Having other people look at my work helped me to create improvements. I could have improved my colored pencil skills in the drawing. There were quite a few white spots between the colored pencil. If I had spent more time on this, this could have looked better. Also, the transition from the bleeding rainbow into the lava could have been better. I could have added some shadows to make the drawing look more 3D. I would spend more time on trying to make the colors transition better in the sky and the rainbow. I would also make the praying mantis transform into another animal. Also, add more details in the sky and the way the rainbow looks. I would add shadows to the “underworld” and try to make the overall piece look better.

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