Surrealism Collage Process

1. What are the objectives for this project?

This projects objectives was to create a surreal collage using the different aspects of surrealism. We were not required to use all aspects of surrealism however as many as we could. We cut out pictures from magazines and utilized them in our collage. We then used colored pencils to create an image. While using the colored pencils we were required to draw very hard to make the colored pencil look nicer.

2. Briefly describe the idea behind the design for your collage.

At first, I was going to use a large praying mantis in my design. I had the idea to make lava from the images in the magazine, I really like the way it looked. I found the dripping colors in another magazine which reminded me of rainbows. I then combined lava and rainbows to create my image. I also decided that it would look nice if i transformed the colors into lava. I created two “worlds” one more happy world and another underworld.

3. What made you select this design over your other sketches?

One thing that helped was the suggestions of my classmates. Also, I decided to not use the praying mantis and this design was the only one to not use it. I also liked the idea that I came up with. I also came up with the idea first which I believe made me like it the most. I also found fire later in the project which put me over the edge to choose this design.

4. Include a photo of your collage so far.


5. What do you think of your collage so far?

I like my collage. I have gotten farther now since this picture. I have finished the lava rocks and the sky. I like how the colors bleed into the lava. I also like how the fire is burning the rainbow down, and the rainbow is bleeding. I really like the transition of the bleeding rainbow into the underworld. I also like the way the fire is slowly coming up the rainbow.

6. How can you improve your collage to make it more successful?

I feel I could have added another aspect of surrealism, for example scale. I also feel I could have had more magazine images to create more of an impact. Some of the coloring in my piece is somewhat rough; I would like to smooth it out to make it look better. Also, maybe adding some shading to my piece would make things look three-dimensional.

7. How have your drawing and colour pencil skills developed? (show any before and after photos if there is a difference in your skill level)

Throughout creating our piece, I feel my colored pencil skills have improved. I have learned to make the color solid and not have many white spaces in the coloring. I have learned how to shade and blend colors together to create a new color. I do not have any examples however, my skills have improved over the course of this project.



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