Renaissance Artists

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo was born in Vinci, the republic of Florence. He was born on April 15, 1452. Leonardo came from Italy like most Renaissance Men. Leonardo was a very skilled and successful renaissance man. He studied lots of things and made beautiful elaborate painting.

Leonardo was influenced by the Greeks and Romans, but especially nature. He would observe nature and see how things worked. He wanted to find out how things worked. Therefore he would cut open animals, humans, and other things to find how they moved.

Leonardo’s artwork was very realistic. He used shadows, and other techniques to make them more realistic. Since he found out how the human body worked, he could draw it extremely well. He found out how each body part moved therefore he could draw each limb in a different place and form.

Leonardo mainly used oil paints, on different canvases. He used mainly wood but sometimes other canvases.

Leonardo’s work greatly impacted the Renaissance. Leonardo influenced many other artists/renaissance men such as Rafael, and Michelangelo. His paintings compositions and idealized figures became standard features for future renaissance artworks. Other painters tried to copy his knowledge of perspective, and anatomy. Also, his accurate observations of nature.

I personally think his work is amazing. The amount of detail and the look of his paintings are almost life like. He captured every single detail, and shadow on the human. I really like his attention to detail.

3 of Leonardo’s Paintings:

Mona Lisa, leonardo da vinci art research    The last supper leonardo da vinci art research  Lady with an ermine


Vinci, Leonardo da. Mona Lisa.

1503-1506. Oil on poplar.

77 cm x 53 cm.

Louvre, Paris.


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Michelangelo was born on March 5th, 1475 in Caprese Republic of Florence. Michelangelo came from Italy like most other important Renaissance Men.

The work of early Renaissance masters such as Ghiberti, Ghilandaio, and Giovianni all influenced Michelangelo.

Michelangelo liked to make his work difficult. He would sculpt with marble, and paint with Fresco paint.

Michelangelo mainly impacted the Renaissance by his many paintings and sculptures. One of his most famous paintings was the Sistine Chapel. This painting was outstanding.

I really like Michelangelo’s sculptures. His sculptures were extremely realistic and looked beautiful. He made them very detailed and got every detail in the human body.

3 of Michelangelo’s Sculptures:

Bacchus Michelangelo Art Research Crucifix Michelangelo art research The Genius of Victory Michelangelo Art Research

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