8) Specification

  1. My product will be brown in color. I have chosen brown because brown was the most mentioned color in the questionnaire.
  2. It can be no bigger than 6x5x4.
  3. It can be no heavier than .5g.
  4. The doorstop must hold the door from slamming.
  5. The materials I will use are wood, and metal.
  6. The doorstop will hold doors from slamming and make them not move.
  7. I will use a saw, a drill, a ruler, and a hot glue gun.
  8. This product is aimed toward families with the problem of doors slamming.
  9. Throughout the building process I will test and make sure the materials are top quality.
  10. The product will be safe so it cannot hurt anyone or anything.
  11. This product will last for over 2 years or more.

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