Materials and Tools

6) Materials and Tools

(all tools can be found in the D.T Lab) ((Picture of tool underneath description))

  • Saw


The saw will be used to cut the wood that is used in the doorstop.

It will have to also be used to cut the claws of the doorstop that hold

The door.

Hack Saw


  • Drill


The drill will be used to make the eccentric cam. It will

have to be able to cut through metal and wood. It is going

to be used on an eccentric cam. This will then be used in

my product.


  • Hot glue gun

I will use the glue gun to combine all the pieces of the doorstop.

It will be used to keep the springs in place. It will also keep all

the wood together.

Hot Glue Gun

  • Sand paper

Sand paper will be used to smooth the wood so it does not

scratch or give people slivers. It will be used so the wood all

fits together and give the wood a nice aesthetic appearance.



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