V for Vendetta Analysis

This is a video clip from the final battle of V for Vendetta. I have chosen this scene because it utilizes many different aspects of film so well. From the lighting, to the sounds, it captivates the audience.

The lighting in the scene is very dark due to the fact it is set underground. The use of the flashlights by the attackers are used very well to direct your attention to important things in the scene. The flashlights light up V’s mask making it very emphasized. The bullets coming out of the guns also seem to light up the underground area. At times there even seems to be complete darkness in the scene. This scene really grabs my attention with the lighting because darkness is more dramatic. If the scene was filmed outside in the sunlight it would not be as interesting in my opinion.

The editing used in the scene is also well done. The guns may be firing blanks, however there may still be editing involved with the shooting. The actors are good at looking like they are being injured when hit by knives. One of the most prominent areas of editing is the knives themselves. The knives are emphasized because V is supposed to be so skillful he can win a gun fight with knives. Throughout the scene the knives are highlighted. This makes them very dramatized captivating the audience. This technique worked very well on me making my attention be drawn towards them. The editing also makes it seem like V is moving in fast motion while everything else is slow. The cinematography is very well done to use slow motion so effectively. While V is standing up the scene slows down which to me makes it seem like V is laughing at their attempt then immediately fights back.

The final aspect is the camera movement and the sounds throughout the scene. For example, around 2:07, the camera is on the ground and the person falls in front of it. This still is very dramatic along with the sound. The gun cartridge hitting the ground is emphasized with the loud noise accompanied by the fall. The knives make a swish sound while being thrown through the air showing how quickly they are being thrown. The knives are filmed in slow motion adding more to the throw. The change between fast motion and slow motion is flawless. As soon as V slows down, the whole scene slows down making V the center of attention. The camera perfectly follows the knives as they are thrown through the air which would be difficult to do without CGI. None of the actors seem to be in the way as they are thrown with is very intricate mise-en-scene. The camera is extremely still through the whole scene which makes it look like V is hardly trying in defeating his enemies. It makes his fighting style almost majestic looking.

Overall, I feel this scene really demonstrates skillful moving making techniques and is one of the best scenes in the history of movies.

Los Pasa Tiempos

Cuando era pequeno me gustaba muchas cosas. Me gustaba ver los animados dubujos. Especialmente spongebob, bob the builder, y tom y jerry. Me fascinaba por los aviones y los animales. Tambien, me fascinaba los coches. Todavia me gusta los coches. Cuando era pequeño, me las verduras. Me gustaba las frutas mucha cuando era pequeña. Me fascinaba por las computadoras. Me odiaba ir a la doctora. Me gustaba jugar al escondite. Tambien jugar la pilla-pilla. Me odiaba collencionar cosas. Me fascinaba columpiarse. Mi Hermana y yo collecionar animales de pluche. Me odiaba jugar a la casita. Me fascinaba jugar con carritos. Todavia me gusta tocar la guitarra. Tambien me gusta jugar los video juegos. Me fascinan los coches.

Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero

La pintura es por Fernando Botero. Fernando Botero es de Columbia y tiene ochenta y dos años. La imagen tiene muchas personas gordas. Los personas estan bailando. La gente en el imagen estan muy serio. Los colores estan muy brillante y hacen el sentido feliz y viviendo. El cielo esta oscuro pero hay seis luces de colores differentes en el cielo. En el fronte de la pintura esta dos personas, un hombre y una mujer. La mujer tiene un vesitdo rojo y los zapatos verdes. Su pelo es negro y pelo largo. El hombre tiene una chaqueta marron. Los pantalones negro y los zapatos marron y los calcetines rojos.

Surrealism Self Portrait





  1. What is your goal for this project

My goal is to use all cross-hatching, hatching, stippling, and other methods to use shading effectively in my project. I will use transformation, size and scale, and unfamiliar location in my self-portrait. I want to make it look as realistic as possible and use lots of shadows.

  1. Briefly describe the three ideas you have for your Surreal Self-portrait.

I have the idea that guitars with wings will be lifting chains off my arms held down by homework. Also, I will have a guitar cord coming from my head. The guitars I use will be ones I like and this shows that rock sets me free from homework and stress.

  1. Which of your ideas do you think is the most successful, and best meets the objectives of this project?

I think the transformation and size and scale that I use best meet the objectives. The flying guitars will be small and have wings. Which is both size and scale and transformation.

  1. What was the feedback you received, and how has it helped you?

I received feedback from people in the class and it helped me a lot. It caused me to change my design and make it better. It helped me pick my final design.

  1. How do you plan on turning your final sketch into pen and ink? Explain what techniques you plan on using in your final ink drawing, such as pointillism, hatching, cross-hatching, line weight, using different nibs, etc.

I plan on using stippling, cross-hatching, size and scale, transformation, and unnatural setting. I plan on using these because I feel they will fit well with my final piece.

6. Do you want to add colour? (we might be able to do this later)

I plan on adding color to my guitars to make them stand out more. I may also add color to other parts, however I have not decided yet.

Surreal Collage Final Reflection


We were expected to create a surreal collage using magazine cut outs and colored pencils. We were required to use one or more surreal techniques. We could choose, size and scale, unnatural setting, and transformation. We were expected to create a drawing that fit in well with the magazine cut outs and that the colored pencils would be solid colors. Therefore we had to use a colored pencil technique to create a very smooth looking collage. I feel that I did many of the objectives. I created a collage with magazine cut outs, and used two or more surrealist techniques. I tried my best at coloring solidly with the colored pencils however I ran out of time towards the end and some areas were not colored in very well. For me, it was difficult to find magazine pieces that would fit together and flow nicely in my piece. Also, coloring with colored pencils was difficult because sometimes you could not find the exact color you used in a previous class and would have to go over a section of your piece again.

I kept on going over my colored pencils and tried to make them as solid as possible. I also chose somewhat of a color scheme once I found an image I liked from a magazine. I kept on coloring and coming up with new ideas of how to incorporate more magazine pieces. Half way through I decided to not use a main piece in my collage however in the end after some advice from peers and suggestions from Ms. Zaza, I put the image back into my collage. Having other people look at my work helped me to create improvements. I could have improved my colored pencil skills in the drawing. There were quite a few white spots between the colored pencil. If I had spent more time on this, this could have looked better. Also, the transition from the bleeding rainbow into the lava could have been better. I could have added some shadows to make the drawing look more 3D. I would spend more time on trying to make the colors transition better in the sky and the rainbow. I would also make the praying mantis transform into another animal. Also, add more details in the sky and the way the rainbow looks. I would add shadows to the “underworld” and try to make the overall piece look better.

Surrealism Collage Process

1. What are the objectives for this project?

This projects objectives was to create a surreal collage using the different aspects of surrealism. We were not required to use all aspects of surrealism however as many as we could. We cut out pictures from magazines and utilized them in our collage. We then used colored pencils to create an image. While using the colored pencils we were required to draw very hard to make the colored pencil look nicer.

2. Briefly describe the idea behind the design for your collage.

At first, I was going to use a large praying mantis in my design. I had the idea to make lava from the images in the magazine, I really like the way it looked. I found the dripping colors in another magazine which reminded me of rainbows. I then combined lava and rainbows to create my image. I also decided that it would look nice if i transformed the colors into lava. I created two “worlds” one more happy world and another underworld.

3. What made you select this design over your other sketches?

One thing that helped was the suggestions of my classmates. Also, I decided to not use the praying mantis and this design was the only one to not use it. I also liked the idea that I came up with. I also came up with the idea first which I believe made me like it the most. I also found fire later in the project which put me over the edge to choose this design.

4. Include a photo of your collage so far.


5. What do you think of your collage so far?

I like my collage. I have gotten farther now since this picture. I have finished the lava rocks and the sky. I like how the colors bleed into the lava. I also like how the fire is burning the rainbow down, and the rainbow is bleeding. I really like the transition of the bleeding rainbow into the underworld. I also like the way the fire is slowly coming up the rainbow.

6. How can you improve your collage to make it more successful?

I feel I could have added another aspect of surrealism, for example scale. I also feel I could have had more magazine images to create more of an impact. Some of the coloring in my piece is somewhat rough; I would like to smooth it out to make it look better. Also, maybe adding some shading to my piece would make things look three-dimensional.

7. How have your drawing and colour pencil skills developed? (show any before and after photos if there is a difference in your skill level)

Throughout creating our piece, I feel my colored pencil skills have improved. I have learned to make the color solid and not have many white spaces in the coloring. I have learned how to shade and blend colors together to create a new color. I do not have any examples however, my skills have improved over the course of this project.



Who Were The Surrealists?

Max Ernst

The Barbarians

The Barbarians (Above)

The hat makes the Man

The Hat Makes the Man (Above)

Celebes 1921 by Max Ernst 1891-1976

Celebs (Above)

The artists name is Max Ernst . He was born in 1891, Brühl, German empire. He passed away in 1976. Max Ernst served in WWI with an artillery squad before becoming a surrealist painter. His artwork is very interesting and I find it quite dreamlike. Some of his animals depicted look like ones from another world. In The Barbarians, the creatures look like they might be from a nightmare, and they are very interesting. I like how things transform into another object. It makes them interesting and makes you have to guess what they were trying to depict. Max Ernst mainly used oil paints, however what he paints on changes. Two aspects of surrealism are used in his artwork, location, and transformation. In the painting The Barbarians, the two creatures both are made up creatures and there is transformation, for example the arms and heads. Also, in The Hat Makes The Man, the hats transform into color, which attaches to another hat. All of the paintings seem to be in random locations where they should not be. Max Ernst was drafted to fight in world war I. He was part of an artillery squad for Germany. He survived the war however he was emotionally wounded. Like many other artists he turned to painting his feelings. Some of his paintings are somewhat scary for example The Barbarians. The painting contains two large monster like creatures fighting, I believe this painting is about war and the two monsters are countries fighting. I think after the war Ernst was more observant towards things and started to paint what he felt and thought. I like his artwork, it seems very surreal and dream like. I can see what he was trying to portray, or at least what I believe he is trying to portray. I like how you can decide for yourself what each painting is about. I find it interesting how he sees the world after his traumatic experience in WWI. I have seen some of his work and I was interested in his motives. I also liked his artwork and wanted to know how he did it.

Michael Joy

Michael Joy artowkr 3

A Moments Notice (Above)


Michael Joy artwork 2

Toast (Above)

Michael joy artwork 1

Evolution (Above)

Michael joy was born in the southwest United states in the late 1960’s. He was a dyslexic child and school was hard for him. He liked pottery at a young age in school. After high school he went on a trip to Africa and he was interested in photography. He went back to college in Chicago and started to like pottery. I like Michael’s artwork, it is simple but it still impacts me. I feel I know what he was trying to show the viewer of the artwork. I like the way the sculptures look and show the different things. For example, I like in A Moments Notice how the suitcase has a picture frame going through it. I see that traveling is like taking a new picture. His artwork is not dreamlike, it is more plain and simple. I like the way it is not too scary, or disturbing. Joy mainly uses catstone to make sculptures. He makes a mold for the catstone and pours it to fill the mold. He then removes it and takes out the sculpture. Sometimes he then uses acrylics, and polymer stains to color his sculptures. His artwork contains surreal factors in them. There is transformation going on in lots of his sculptures. For example in Toast the toaster is transforming into toast. This is a surreal thing. He uses this technique a lot in his other sculptures. Michael joy says that objects from the 1800’s to early 1900’s influence his artwork. He likes to make older looking artwork because he wants it to look like it has history. He likes things that have a history and look old. This was mainly his inspiration for his artwork. I like how plain and simple his artwork is. I feel like his work seems old which I like. The ideas are everyday things that happen which I think is cool. I chose this artist because I saw one of his sculptures and wondered what he wanted to say by it. I also like the look of lots of his sculptures when I visited his website.


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